The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard

The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard is a comprehensive, voluntary agreement aimed at ensuring the automotive aftermarket has easy access to emission and non-emission related service information, diagnostic tools and training information similar to the standard established under NASTF in the U.S.

CASIS will enhance consumer choice for automotive service and repair in Canada as consumers can choose to have their vehicle repaired at an authorized OEM dealership or an independent service and repair shop.


  1. To provide easy access to Service Information, OEM Tools and Training Information to Service Providers for diagnosis and repair at Commercially Reasonable Prices.
  2. To make Tool Information available to Service Providers from OEMs or equipment and tool company suppliers

Who is involved in CASIS?

Canada’s auto manufacturers, importers, and distributors as represented by the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC) and the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA).  The AIAMC/CVMA represent the companies that sell over 99% of the new vehicles in Canada annually.

Canada’s automotive service and repair industry under the agreement is represented by the National Automotive Trade Association.

NATA is a national organization whose members have over 5,000 individual auto service and repair shops across Canada

Importantly – the benefits of CASIS will be available to all in the aftermarket, regardless of whether they are an NATA member or not.