Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan

The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan is a program where disputes between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about alleged manufacturing defects or implementation of the manufacturers’ new vehicle warranty can be put before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution.  The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada provides two representatives, one staff member and one from a member company to sit on CAMVAP’s Board of Directors.  CAMVAP’s Vision, Values and Mission are outlined below:


To have CAMVAP valued by consumers, industry and government as a national, voluntary, objective dispute resolution program to address vehicle defects and warranty disputes.

Our vision is that consumers needing the program will be aware of CAMVAP and able to access it readily.


CAMVAP will deliver the program in a manner that is fair, fast, friendly, free and final.


To provide an alternative dispute resolution process for vehicle defects and warranty disputes between consumers and manufacturers that is fair, fast, friendly, free and final.

Consumer Guide to CAMVAP – “Is CAMVAP for Me?”