06-24-22 Global Automakers of Canada Looks Forward to Working with Ontario’s New Cabinet
06-03-22 Global Automakers Response to Announced Changes to Quebec’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales Mandate
04-22-22 Tri-Association Release – Changes to Federal EV Incentive Fall Short
04-14-22 Auto Industry Report Card on Federal Budget
04-11-22 Questions for Auto Manufacturers about Regulating Light-Duty ZEV Mandates Meeting with Paul Halucha
04-07-22 Government Commitments are Not Commensurate with Auto Industry Requirements
03-10-22 Auto Associations Launch Road to 2035
02-10-22 Statement on the Blockade at the Ambassador Bridge
01-10-22 Employment Opportunity – Manager (Director), Environment & Energy
Interested candidates please forward your resume to auto@globalautomakers.ca
12-14-21 Employment Opportunity – Manager, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Interested candidates please forward your resume to auto@globalautomakers.ca
06-29-21 Global Automakers of Canada Responds to Government Goal of 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Sales By 2035
06-15-21 Survey finds that electric vehicle charging infrastructure and consumer incentives are critical to boosting rural and suburban adoption
05-05-21 New survey underscores need for more ambitious government efforts to convince Canadians to purchase electric vehicles
02-17-21 Global Automakers of Canada response to Quebec’s Report on the Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation
02-16-21 Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) Comments on Federal Government Review of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations for Cars and Trucks