À propos des Constructeurs mondiaux d’automobiles du Canada

Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) is the national trade association representing the Canadian interests of 15 of the world’s most respected automakers. Our members include: BMW Group Canada Inc, Honda Canada Inc., Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC, Kia Canada Inc., Maserati Canada Inc., Mazda Canada Inc., Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., Nissan Canada Inc.,  Porsche Cars Canada Ltd., Subaru Canada, Inc., Toyota Canada Inc., Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. and Volvo Car Canada Ltd. Together our members represent more than 25 brands in the Canadian automotive market.

The GAC advocates for sound public policy to support a competitive and sustainable automotive market in Canada. Our members are committed to meeting the mobility needs of Canadians by providing greater consumer choice, offering leading edge safety and environmental technologies, and eliminating unnecessary regulatory and trade barriers.

In 2021, the member companies of the GAC sold almost 1,016,00 vehicles representing 62% of the Canadian automotive market. Further our members produced 52% of the vehicles built in Canada at Ontario plants in Alliston, Cambridge and Woodstock, and fully 58% of the vehicles sold by member companies in Canada were built in the NAFTA region, demonstrating a commitment to « building where they sell ». In 2021, Toyota assembled the most vehicles of any manufacturer in Canada (building more vehicles than the D3 combined) and Honda was the second largest producer out of the five Canadian vehicle manufacturers.

Our members have been at the vanguard of the introduction of advanced technology vehicles, whether the technologies be environmental, such as conventional hybrid vehicles, plug-in battery electric vehicles, pure battery electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles; or vehicles incorporated the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and increasingly high levels of automation.


At Global Automakers of Canada our mission is: